Why Join Blogfort

BLOGFORT is an original blogging community and social network that aims to unify all creative spirits to share their written creations and forge the most authentic and honest connections. Through extensive website features and functionalities, every blogger will have the opportunity to interact with like-minded personalities from every corner of the world and create meaningful conversations, both for the bloggers themselves as well for their readers.

With a clear vision in mind and a lot of hard work we are looking to bring original content to the front pages, both literally and figuratively. We wish to create a modern yet easy-to-use user interface to make each and everyone’s blogging experience as carefree as possible. BLOGFORT comes to combine what online communities, social networks and micro-blogging platforms have best to offer: real-time updates, ease of access, advanced search tools, extensive databases and much more. With a creative photograph and a cleverly written headline BLGOFORT will redirect readers to the original source for full readership.



Within our community, every blogger with an active membership, will have the exclusive opportunity to create a truly unique user profile. In its complexity and diversity, it will offer a complete image of the blogger at hand making it easier for everyone to connect based on mutual interests, shared visions or common areas of expertise.

BLOGFORT aims to facilitate for every blogger to feature their best work. In doing so, we’ve added an easy-to-use submit form within their profile page that will allow them to create a showcase. Should anyone visit one’s profile their latest works should be available for reading. These additions will also be available for viewing in their corresponding category pages. When clicked upon, one will be redirected to the original source of the posting.



Interaction is one of the keywords within our community.  Connecting with like-minded bloggers should be a priority for every active member. With an advanced search tool finding such bloggers has never been more easy. Should anyone search for bloggers based on their area of blogging, geographic area or other, such options should be available.

Each written addition made by our blogging community members will be featured on each category page. The best written pieces will be featured at the top of the page. Should anyone look for articles written in a specific language such option should be available for use.



To encourage active participation within our new blogging community we have added the leaderboard feature. To be a part of a leaderboard one should be as active as possible by adding articles to their profile, post status updates, add friends, follow fellow bloggers, be active on forum and groups and other activities for which one will receive points. Points that later can be used to acquire extra options that we have in store in the near future.

The ability to form and join communities within communities should empower all bloggers to interact and converse on specific topics and enrich their knowledge without any clutter or confusion that may come from the general forum threads. Also, forming and joining groups offers a specific sense of privacy and intimacy that will allow bloggers to converse more freely and without hesitation.



Whether you are new to blogging or you are well experienced we all will have questions for which we won’t always have answers. Joining our community forum should offer the assistance and the knowledge that our community member possess to make your blogging experience better than it ever was before. Should you have questions that are not related to blogging, our community forum should be an open space to encourage all sorts of discussions should those be about getting to know each other better, wish each other a happy birthday, encourage networking, organize offline meetings and so on.